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Artwork of Apple Vail

Each morning around 2 am, as Apple awoke, there was the knowledge that growth and adventure was before her. It was a “positive” addiction. She made wonderful strong French coffee and smoked cigarettes.. and then began what Jean Dubuffet called, “The Dance with Chance”

  Starting a painting is an adventure that leads you, you know not where. The artist would not be very interested if he were to know from the very beginning that he had to execute a painting that was already completed in his spirit. It is not like that: the artist has a chance as a partner; chance is part of the game. It pulls here and there and the artist guides as he can; he does it gently, careful to take advantage of fortuity as it appears, making it serve his needs, without ever impeding the latter from yielding the slightest bit. But one really should not speak of chance. In this and all other circumstances. There is no chance. Man calls chance everything that comes from that big black hole of unknown causes. The artist is really not grappling with chance in general, it is more a matter of a particular chance, inherent in the nature of the material employed. The term ‘chance’ is inexact; it would be better to speak of the velleity and aspirations of the recalcitrant material.”